Hi there! I’m Ashley Austin, your go-to mortgage maven and co-owner of Astin Mortgage. Born in the Windy City of Chicago and raised under the bright skies of Phoenix, I’m a world traveler with a heart of gold and an eye for strategy.

As an Arizona State University alumna, my passion for international business led me to pursue a degree from the W.P. Carey School of Business. My adventurous spirit guided me to Italy, where I studied abroad for a semester, expanding my horizons and honing my taste for exquisite experiences.

My love for adventure doesn’t end with my travels. With a passport stamped from over 10 countries, I bring the same zest for life to the mortgage industry. Since 2015, I’ve been making dreams come true, using my expertise and problem-solving skills to help clients from all walks of life achieve their financial goals.

When I’m not strategizing to save my clients hundreds of dollars a month, I spend my time giving back to the community as an avid animal lover. With three rescued dogs and two foster rabbits, I’ve got a soft spot for furry friends in need of a loving home.

But wait, there’s more! My creativity extends beyond my work at Astin Mortgage. As a skilled decorator with an eye for thrifty finds, I delight in transforming vacation rentals into cozy retreats.

With my personable approach, vast knowledge, and knack for thinking outside the box, I am the loan officer you can trust to make your mortgage journey as exciting and rewarding as my own globetrotting adventures. Reach out to me today and let me help you achieve your goals with the same passion I bring to every aspect of my life.